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Water Slides

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Water Slide Rentals Monmouth County NJ

The best Water Slide Rentals in Monmouth County New Jersey. We offer a huge line of fun, unique water slide rentals, obstacle water slides for rent, and water slide combo rentals in the industry. We rent everything from your combo bounce house, water slide rentals near me, water slide rentals with obstacles or bounce houses attached, and even inflatable water slide rentals for adults near me. We also rent Giant Water slide Rentals with slides and slides near me to make your water slides even longer and full of adventure! No matter what you call them from waterslide inflatables, blow-up slide rentals, water slide rentals, waterslide rentals, bouncy slides with water rentals, big water slide rentals, water slide rental, waterslide inflatable, inflatable slides to rent, Giant slides, giant inflatable water slides rental, inflatable water slides, water slide rentals for adults near me, we most definitely have a slide to fit your area and budget! Don't worry about the heat this summer with our water slides rentals for kids, teens, and adults to have fun in the sun while keeping cool! Check out our service area we deliver to, click service area.  3 Monkeys Inflatable blow-up water slides are huge and offer the best in huge water slide rentals.

Best Inflatable Water Slides to rent in Monmouth County NJ

The inflatable water slides to rent from Sunshine Party rentals are the best in Monmouth County.  It can be hard to find inflatable water slides for teenagers to rent, adult water slides rentals, and inflatable water slide rentals for adults near me, but we have you covered.  Rent water slides rental bounce houses with confidence from Sunshine party rentals and sees the difference our experience makes.  Water slide inflatable rentals from Walkin On Sunshine Party Rentals are the best in New Jersey.  To rent inflatable water slides rentals for you and your family, call us or email us!  Call 732-865-2381or email us at

To rent a water slide rental with Walkin On Sunshine Party Rentals, simply pick the water slide you are interested in renting by adding to your cart (don't forget about the tents, tables, chairs, concessions, and game rentals we have to add to your cart) and then simply add your booking details like your address, email, and phone number and complete the order online. It's simple and easy!  Your order helps our small family business continue to thrive.  Thank you!  Call or email us with any questions. Waterslide Inflatables are popular for backyard parties, graduation parties, birthday parties, corporate picnics, and many more. Keep in mind we also have bounce house water slide rentals that are commonly called combos. These are not adult inflatable water slide rentals but more for smaller kids through middle school rental unless the adult water slides are our stand-alone water slides for rent. Water Slide Rentals are summer's favorite exciting activity for just about anything from rewards for a great school year, birthday parties, block parties, fourth of July events, summer cookouts, church events, college events, school events, campground open houses, and of course camps.  We provide water slide rentals for corporate events and open house events. When searching for waterslide rentals near me, look for 3 Monkeys Inflatables to be part of that group of water slide companies who provide you with great options, as the leader in Central PA water slide rentals 3 Monkeys is able to provide a larger inventory, and awesome options!

Water Slides for rent for every size and budget!

Water Slides are great for all types of parties, carnivals, backyard parties, corporate events, community events, church gatherings, summer camps, and so much more. 3 Monkeys is proud not only to offer the best selection of water slides for rent, but also the biggest selection of variety from double lanes, single lanes, water bounce houses, water combos, water obstacles to adult water slides, teen water slides, kids water slides, and waterslides for varied age groups!

Double Lane Water Slide Options

Double the lanes, double the fun! Our two most popular double lane slides are the 27' Blue Crush Water Slide and the 22' Tropical Water Slide. These particular inflatable slide rentals get booked up very quickly; typically months in advance, and in some cases a whole year in advance! What makes these slides unique is not only the height and the drop but the slip-and-slide extensions that can be found at the bottom of these awesome waterslide rentals! We also have the Twin Falls, double lane, curved water slide for rent. Next up is the Fire and Ice double-lane slide rental which has two different height slides to accommodate all child riders who may have different levels of being brave. Last but not least is our newly added, Hawaiian Plunge Double-Lane blow up water slide rental. This is tropical and fun. The ride is similar to that of the Rockin' Rapids or the Big Kahuna because it has a small hump about a quarter of the way down. Double Lane Water Slides are always great with larger crowds, adults, and for faster moving lines!

Single Lane Water Slide Options

The hot rental item of New Jersey for hot summers is our water slide rentals. Our tallest water slide that is single lane is the Blue Wave water slide. This is designed similar to the 27' Lava and the 22' Tropical only it is one lane instead of two! The Caustic blow up waterslide also has a bit of an extension to its slide making it quite popular. Other single lane water slide rentals include the Big Kahuna and Rockin Rapids. Both of these slides have a bit of a hump about a quarter of the way down the slide to add a little bit of a thrill to their rides. Lastly, we have our Splash Down water slide for rent and the 16' Shark Water Slide Rental! Be sure to rent a waterslide for your next backyard barbecue, church event, corporate event, college event, birthday party, wedding reception, or just for some backyard fun!

Bounce House Water Slide Options

Bounce House Water Slide rentals are the perfect option for parties or events where there is a group of small children in attendance. Combo bouncers with waterslides combine the best of both words; a bounce house and a water slide! For added fun there is typically a basketball net inside the bouncing area too! Some have single lane slides and some have double lanes but all of them allow children to have a blast and keep cool at the same time! Some of our themed water slide combo bouncers .  Most of the bounce house water slide combos are for children ages 12 and under. We do have one combo in our inventory that teens and adults could have fun on too and that is our Rip Curl Combo! To check out the combos in more detail visit Combo Bouncer Rentals.

Adult Water Slide Recommendations

Of course the big kids want to have fun too so here is what we suggest for blow up waterslides for adults! Our top recommendation for adult waterslide rentals is our 27' Lava Waterslide rental. But don't delay placing your rental because that particular waterslide books very quickly! Would you believe us if we told you some customers book it a whole year in advance?! The next best waterslide for adults is our 22' Tropical Waterslide. You may also want to consider the Twin Falls, Blue Wave, Caustic, Rockin Rapids, Big Kahuna, Hawaiian Plunge, or either of the wet dry obstacle courses.

Kids Water Slide Recommendations

If you are looking for the best kids water slide rentals the water slide bounce house combos are always a fantastic option. Keep in mind however the water bounce house combos are usually best for ages 12 and under. If you are looking for a bit of an upgrade from the bounce house waterslide combos be sure to check out our brand new Shark Waterslide rental! The Splash Down waterslide for rent is another great choice when looking for a waterslide for kids. Last but not least our Fire and Ice blow up waterslide that is dual lane is perfect for kids! Why, you ask? The lanes on the fire and ice blow up waterslide are a little on the narrow side which makes this perfect for the younger crew at your party!

Mixed Age Group Water Slide Recommendations

If you are having an event where you want to entertain both children and adults on the same inflatable rental we have plenty of water slides to rent that give you this ability. As always, you cannot go wrong with our biggest water slide rental, the 27' Lava Water Slide or the 22' Tropical Water Slide for rent. Other water slides appropriate for both children and adults include Twin Falls, Blue Wave, and Caustic. You can even get away with renting the Big Kahuna, Rockin Rapids, or the Hawaiian Plunge for kids and adults. Keep in mind that no matter what you rent your guests are likely to have a great time and make long lasting memories at your party. If you are not sure which water slide to rent then call our office staff who can talk with you about our slides more in depth.

Water Slide Rental Costs

Why rent a Water Slide from Walkin On Sunshine Party Rentals? We often are asked where to rent water slide rentals in Monmouth County and how much are water slide rentals? Sunshine Party Rentals proud to offer water slide rentals for families and companies on a budget and those who are looking to also make a huge splash. Whatever your budget is we are sure to find the water slide rental that works best for you! Check out our awesome Water Slide Guide below that really breaks down water slides and really answers the different questions about what are really the best water slides in Monmouth County, how much they are, and what to do on a budget! A comprehensive and detailed must-have summer water slide rental guide is here!